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Just what is Industrial Water Treatment and why would you want to do It? The water systems that we work with – all involve circulating water. Why does it need treatment? And what treatment is needed?

Water is the universal solvent – all kinds of “things” are dissolved in it. And when it moves through pipes it often leaves those “things” behind. One of those “things” is called scale – and it is primarily mineral deposits that precipitate out of the water. Another “thing” is bacteria – of which there are many types – some of them can literally eat their way through pipes, valves and pumps. So our business is preventing that damage, and indeed, we can also remove such things as scale. To see a worse case example – look at the picture of the clogged pipe on this page.

We have actually seen an instance where a large multi-story building had to be torn down because its water system got so corroded that it was cheaper to tear down the building, than to fix the pipes – all due to bad science.

We practice good science. We have dozens of formulations for treating water systems. How do we know what to do? By sending samples to our own laboratory for analysis. Thus saving our customers money by providing top quality formulas for treating industrial water systems with formulas for:

  • Chilled/Cooling Systems
  • Heated Boiler Systems
  • Closed Loop Recirculation Systems
  • Potable Water Systems
  • Corrosion Removal and Prevention
  • Bacteria and Chemical Inhibtors
  • Scale Reduction and Removal